Charcoal Black/Silver Grey Rustic Brick Wallpaper

Charcoal Black/Silver Grey Rustic Brick Wallpaper


The inspiration for this wallpaper is the trendy and luxury look. The strikingly realistic Charcoal Black/Silver Grey  natural bricks is fascinating, making it very easy to turn walls into naturally beautiful eye-catchers, and all of that without a hammer and chisel. It is incredibly resistant to the passage of time and ideal as a feature wall, paired with a complimenting wallpaper or running throughout a room.

Size: 0.53 m (5.3 sqm)

Installation is available at an extra cost.


This wallpaper gives your wall a high quality non-woven surface that will easily cover little imperfections. It is non-woven textured vinyl, easy to hang, washable, dry strippable and durable. It is an offset match design and has good lightfastness. Suitable for your living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom or any space you want to come alive.


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